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Seed N Feed Trail Cams carries a variety of high-quality trail cameras, wildlife cams, digital surveillance cameras and scouting camera accessories. We offer honest reviews of the cameras and accessories that we carry…Reconyx & DLC Covert. We only carry and sell trail cameras that pass our personal tests including real world battery tests.

Reconyx XR6 Trail Camera

Reconyx Cameras (XR6)

Reconyx Trail & Security Cameras

Reconyx has been manufacturing in the U.S.A. some of the best outdoor scouting cameras, professional, covert security cameras and license plate capture surveillance cameras for years. Reconyx has been an industry leader in high performance game cameras, extreme duty camera traps and stand-alone surveillance and license plate capture cameras since 2002. See what you’ve been missing with Reconyx!

MicroFire Outdoor Series

HyperFire™ Outdoor Series Cameras

UltraFire™ Series Outdoor Scouting Cameras

Reconyx HyperFire™ Security Series Cameras

Covert Black 60

DLC Covert Scouting Cameras

DLC Covert Trail Cameras

DLC Covert Trail Cameras specializes in manufacturing micro-sized trail cameras that are lightening fast! Seed N Feed Cams carries a full line of DLC Covert scouting cameras including the Extreme Series, Code Black 3G Wireless CameraMP8 & MP8 Black trail cameras. Covert’s micro-sized trail cameras boast features like sending pictures to your phone or email account; 12 MB picture resolution; picture resolution adjustment; built in color viewer & more!

DLC Covert Scouting Cameras


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